With our help-desk software, we help you help. Easily answer support tickets, sales requests, or any other kind of inbound customer request.

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Handle Any Request

Issuebear helps you manage all your inbound requests, whether you have an existing closed user group of customers that need access to your ticket hub, you accept emails from the public or you want to create custom forms to help direct issues to the right place. All of these sources drop into your ticket queue, which you can organise in whatever manner makes sense for your team. Keep all your support agents on the same page with easy assignment of tickets, private notes, file attachments, assignment of related issues and more.


We recognise that everyone is different and there’s no single solution to how a help-desk should be run. That’s why Issuebear was designed from the start with flexibility in mind. Group customers into organisations with their own locations and notes about what you do for them. Create your own ticket statuses, urgencies, impacts and ticket categories to help you better prioritise what to work on next. Use custom fields on your own ticket types to help craft the perfect form to capture your customers’ needs.

Service Levels

Make a promise to your customer with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Issuebear can help you create targets like how quickly you’ll respond to a ticket, or how often you’ll keep a customer updated, even how quickly you’ll resolve an issue. Create different targets depending on the type of inbound ticket, based on it’s type, or the urgency and impact. Assign a global SLA for all your customers, or only make it available to a select few. Use the report options to see how well you’re meeting the targets and build trust with your customers.

Knowledge Base

The best way to reduce your number of inbound tickets and improve customer satisfaction is to help the customer to help themselves. Issuebear has a fully featured Knowledge Base that lets you easily build both single page and book style help guides for whatever you want. Your customers can easily search through all your existing articles and find the answers they need, reducing the need for them to create a ticket. Knowledge Base articles can also be internal only, giving you a place to write lessons for your own staff.

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