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We have decades of experience in building web applications for small businesses. From travel booking systems to CRM applications to project management tools. If you need a web app built to supercharge your business, we can help.

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Banish your Spreadsheets

It’s not unusual. Your business needs to keep track of something, so you put it in a spreadsheet. Then you add a few more sheets, some logic, a few calculations. Soon the whole team are using it, it has been years, and the whole thing is weighed down by complexity. You need to banish that spreadsheet, and turn it into a web-based application. We can turn your custom business logic into something your team or your customers will be pleased to use every day.

Python and Flask

We build our apps using Python and Flask, two of the most popular frameworks available today. From Instagram to Dropbox to Spotify, Python powers the web. The broad range of available libraries means it’s ready to integrate with your existing services or third-party APIs, produce the reports you need, or handle the data formats key to your business. And because Python and Flask are so ubiquitous, we can easily grow our team to meet your needs.

Ready to Go

This isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We know what it takes to successfully execute a development programme. From business analysis to project management to managing a development team, designing the user experience and writing the code. Our Phineas custom Python module, Github/AWS development pipelines and depth of experience mean we can produce custom admin systems faster than if you were starting from scratch. Forms, lists, file uploads, image handling, user management, permission systems - we’re ready to go.

Built to Last

We believe in building something that will last far beyond our involvement in the project. Whether you want us to build and handover to another development team or stay involved through future releases, we’ll make sure everything is fully documented, code is clean, and training is completed. You can take our code and host and modify it yourself. Or you can use our AWS experience to build you a development and production ready environment that can scale for the future.

Your Business Analysed

If you don’t have any experience in designing software, or can’t imagine how you turn your business processes into something that will work as a web application - don’t worry. We’re used to working with companies and their users to determine what the key goals of the project are, and making sure that all departments get involved in the process. If you’re struggling to imagine how the final application will work, our friends at Procept Visual can help build you an interactive prototype - saving you from a potentially expensive redesign later.

Need someone to build it? We can come.

Sometimes you just need somebody to do it for you. Reach out to learn how.

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