Development Consultancy

If you don’t know where to start with your next development project, or you’ve already started and are struggling, then our experience may be just what you need. From sounding board to UX help and quality assurance, we can be a helping hand.

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Technical Guidance

So many programming languages, so many frameworks, so many build tools, deployment methodologies and development approaches. Where do you start! There’s so many decisions that need made, it can seem overwhelming. The wrong choice can add months to your project or make the whole team unhappy. We can help you cut through all the options and find the right choice for you and your team.

Project Advice

Even if you’ve got your tech sorted, many development projects go completely off the rails. From how to organise your tasks, prioritisation and status reports to how you manage a group of developers who may be spread across the globe. With so many projects under our belts, we’ve got the experience you need to push your project forward. We can review what you’re doing and suggest improvements, or we can tell you where to start.

UX Review

If using your app is a poor experience, none of your users are going to want to. We’ve been building apps for so long that we can spot a bad one a mile away. How easy is your app to navigate? Are things easy to read? Are the buttons easy to tap or click? How does your app work on devices with different screen sizes? Even the little things can make a big difference between a happy user, and an unhappy one. We can review your app and make suggestions for improvement, with actionable suggestions on how to improve.

Quality Assurance

Getting somebody outside your company to test your app is an important part of making sure it’s going to be accepted by your users. Having somebody test it who wasn’t involved in its creation is a big step, and we’re likely to spot things that your own team haven’t. We also bring structure with us - test plans and processes to make sure everything gets covered. We can also help with automation and performance testing, making sure your app gets a proper shakedown before you release it to the world.

Does your dev project need a hand?

Lean on us for a little support and accelerate your development plans.

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