Amazon Web Services

You need your development project to be hosted securely and be ready to scale with whatever traffic comes your way. Let our decade of AWS experience provide guidance at every step of your application deployment journey.

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Architecture Design

AWS is the perfect place to host your development project, from small internal tools to business-critical applications. TeamWeb can help you design an architecture that will take advantage of everything cloud hosting has to offer, allowing your application to scale with user demand, react responsively to requests and ensure your customers have a top class experience.

DevOps and Automation

DevOps is about empowering your development, systems and operations teams to work together and TeamWeb can help you with that organisational transformation. A key component of that journey is treating your infrastructure as code, defining your services in a form which is version controlled, reviewed and deployed alongside your application. We can help you define your environment with Terraform - and ensure that your deployments are automated and repeatable.

Secure by Design

Security is something that needs to be considered at every stage of your AWS deployment journey. Whether it’s how your developers are going to access the system through testing and production, how services are going to be patched and kept up to date, how data is going to be encrypted and kept secure or how you’re going to meet your regulatory requirements for things like GDPR or PCI DSS. TeamWeb can help advise you on the correct way to keep you and your customer data secure.

Cost Optimisation

There’s no point in hiding it, AWS can be expensive. It can be especially expensive if you don’t understand what is generating your cost, or if you don’t design your architecture with cost in mind. TeamWeb will always consider cost at every step of our architecture journey, and will be happy to help you understand the TCO difference between services. We can also review your existing AWS bill and find ways to help you save on your ongoing costs, allowing you to take fuller advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Need help with your AWS journey?

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